Walt Herrick, Sr. Memorial Foundation

Raising Money Towards Junior Tennis Instructional Scholarships Since 2012

The Racket Club of Crystal Lake & Algonquin, Illinois was founded in 1972 by five local businessmen who shared something special in common: a passion for tennis.  One of these gentlemen was Walter Herrick, Sr., and Walt dedicated much of his life to furthering junior tennis involvement in McHenry County.

The Walter S.  Herrick, Sr. Memorial Foundation was created in honor of Walt shortly after his passing.  Given how passionate Walt was about seeing tennis flourish in the community, it seemed a fitting mission for the Foundation to make junior tennis lessons at The Racket Club more accessible.

Each year we award thousands of dollars to kids in the community based on attitude, dedication, volunteerism, academics, and financial need, among other considerations.  Awards are based on formal applications and voted on by a special impartial committee comprised of local and national tennis luminaries.

2017's winners were John Kaiser, Kyle McNally, Thomas Nelson, Michael Ptaszek, Jackson Schuetzle, and John Wallace.  These hard-working young standouts were given the opportunity to further their training thanks to money raised through Racket Club and community members' donations.

Our primary sources of scholarship dollars are an annual summer golf outing and winter pro tournament, but we are finding it difficult to raise sufficient funds this way.  We want to see at least five kids receive $1,000 each in tennis lessons, or $5,000 total, every year.  If we can award even more than that, better yet! 

How to Give

Two of the easiest ways to give are via our GoFundMe site and Facebook fundraiser page.  All donations are tax deductible, too!

Get Involved


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